[Eeglablist] With Respect to Removing AAR

Tarik S Bel-Bahar tarikbelbahar at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 12:55:00 PDT 2017

Hello Sanaz, some notes below best wishes.


i would try just one plugin like adjust or sasica , and i would try to make
decisions based on visual inspection of the component property plots for
emg-contaminated ICs.

For your rank problem, plz try first googling eeglablist and your topic,
and also google makoto's eeglab pipeline. A lot of info on that topic is
already out there, and easy to google :)

One can remove one eeg channel from the dataset, before ica but after
reref, thus getting correct rank for the rereferenced file.

One can, instead  use the pca flag in the runica function which leads to
same rank correction via pca before ica.  documentaion and tutorials in
running ica and runica functions are online.

Help or doc functioname in matlab will also get you info about function
settings for any matlab and eeglab function. See also the help button in
various eeglab guis.

Please also see the online ic classification tutorial with feedback from
luca at his reaching site. Easy to find that via googling eeglablist and
luca ica. There are useful examples of emg ICs there too.

Looking forward to future questions!

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