[Eeglablist] export data inquiery

Tarik S Bel-Bahar tarikbelbahar at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 19:02:33 PDT 2017

In your case it's easy to solve Rocio....

In a matlab script:
Make a variable with a list of all the .set files in your directory

Then make a for loop through the filennames, and one at a time during each
single loop do the following:

run the function to load a file (get from eegh output after running from
gui once)
run the function to export the .set file as a .txt file(s)
close the current .set file / clear eeglab

repeat the above loop for all your .set files.

By scripting and looping, many things can be automatized, and Makoto's
notes and the wide range of matlab tutorials can help. See also the eeglab
tutorials for scripting with eeglab.
In all cases, you can build your own script by doing all steps for one file
from the gui, then type eegh in the command line to get the recent commands
that were run, and mimic that in your script.
You can find tons of looping examples and tutorials by googling. The idea
is to just have a few variables that change each loop.

Last, i would say if 100 files converting one file at a time (<2 hours
manually) drives you crazy,
more time in zen training may be necessary. Practice till 1000 or more only
make you crazy :)

ps There used to be a plugin called Nightmanager for eeglab that batched

pps try making an example code and let the list know if it works and if you
have more questions. Perhaps provide an example that works for you?
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