[Eeglablist] Regarding Pre-processing pipeline

narendra karna narendra.kumar at iitrpr.ac.in
Sun Jul 2 23:42:14 PDT 2017

Dear Makoto,

I am a basic level learner of EEGLAB toolbox. I can only do GUI based
steps. In your preprocessing pipeline, you mentioned

There are reports that 1-Hz high-pass filter attenuates (or even
'distorts') low-frequency, so-called 'late slow waves' of event-related
potential family, such as N400 or P600 (these names are paradigm dependent,
of course). To avoid this problem, one can calculate ICA weight matrix and
sphereing matrix with 1-Hz high-passed data, then apply it to 0.1-Hz
high-passed data. This ICA matrices transfer can be done through EEGLAB GUI
'Edit' -> 'Dataset info'.

Here, can you explain how to perform this step wise (in a pipeline way) ?
I'll be thankful to you for this.

Thanks !

Research Scholar
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Indian Institute of Technology Ropar
Punjab, India - 140001
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