[Eeglablist] alpha ICA component on the temporal lobe

Tarik S Bel-Bahar tarikbelbahar at gmail.com
Thu Jul 13 09:56:28 PDT 2017

Hello, That looks like it could be a neural ic, and does not seem to be
contaminated by emg. Please see extra notes considerations and resources
listed below....

Usually artifactual muscle ics near the edge of the head are more focused
and show an emg spectral pattern with high levels of beta and/or gamma.
With many ics, neural and artifact signals are often mixed in ICs, except
for small families of well-characterized neural and artifact ICs. Yours
seems mostly neural based on image you sent.

The seemingly staccato red points in the trial imagmiie suggests there
might be some artifact in the ic.

You should also be seeing a similar ic on the other side of the head.

Other things to consider are your channel density, the variance accounted
for by the ic, and whether the ic is sensitive to the experimental
manipulation (and at what time if you have an erp paradigm)

If you are a beginner with ica, plz google and review the following useful

Eeglab ica rejection tutorial

Google "eeglablist luca ica" for his ica classification teaching "reaching"
website, where there are a lot of examples of good bad and mixed ICs. I
recommend minimum 500 classifications for people new to ica, after
practicing a while with the feedback function on.

Eeglab/ica Chapters (e.g. onton & makeig),tutorials, summer school
materials, videos.

Review sccn publications

Eeglab/ica articles on Google scholar

Eeeglab plugins for ica classification such as sasica and adjust.

Precleaning methods e.g., via asr method in eeglab
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