[Eeglablist] FIR filter and distortion

xij at psych.ac.cn xij at psych.ac.cn
Thu Jul 13 19:37:32 PDT 2017

Dear EEGLAB list,

In my VEP study, the stimuli elicited the N1 and P2 components among others.  I have used the default FIR filter to filter my data, setting the lower cutoff to 0.3 Hz and the higher cutoff to 30 Hz.

My question is:

Will the filter distort  the amplitudes and phasesof the N1 and P2 components (especially the P2 component whose amplitude might be changed by a large N1 component)? Shall I compute the peak-to-peak amplitude of the N1-P2 complex instead of computing the peak amplitude of 
each component? 

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards, 

Jie Xi, Ph.D.
Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Email: xij at psych.ac.cn
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