[Eeglablist] LORETA plugin for EEGLAB

Arnaud Delorme arno at ucsd.edu
Wed Jul 19 08:53:57 PDT 2017

Dear all,

I have realized that the LORETA plugin I developed more than 10 years ago was still being downloaded (it is actually the 6th most popular plugin) even though it was not really usable. I have fixed the issues and more importantly created a tutorial for how to use it and a Github repository to host it https://github.com/arnodelorme/loretaplugin <https://github.com/arnodelorme/loretaplugin>

Watch the video below, it just takes a few minutes to install and run.

https://sccn.ucsd.edu/wiki/LORETA_for_EEGLAB <https://sccn.ucsd.edu/wiki/LORETA_for_EEGLAB>

Now this is about exporting data to process with the LORETA KEY software. Ideally, we would have a plugin/extension to do LORETA within EEGLAB. I have minimalist open source sLoreta code in Matlab from Marco Congedo, and would share it if someone is interested in making a plugin for EEGLAB. There are also Loreta functions in BCILAB and Fieldtrip that could be interfaced and we have all the functions in EEGLAB to do the plotting of the LORETA solution in a co-registered space (mri3dplot). 

Best wishes,

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