[Eeglablist] EEGLAB preprocessing for sleep EEG data

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Tue Aug 1 20:32:05 PDT 2017

I have a 29-channel EEG data from overnight sleep recordings (~8 hours of
EEG data). The EEG data is not continuous as I have paused it if the
subject needed a loo break (~5-10 minutes) or to check the impedance (~2
minutes). This inserts a ‘boundary event’ in my EEG data. On some
occasions, I have also reapplied a couple of electrodes if the impedance
was high. In addition, sometimes I have had to stop the EEG recording and
start again due to some technical reasons, because of which I have two EEG
files for the same subject during the same night i.e. same session.

In my experiment, I have 15-20 events overnight and plan to use 1-2 minute
data before each event for preprocessing and analyses. I would like to use
ICA to correct for artifacts but before I do that, I would like to know if
I need to split the data at each ‘boundary event’ and process them as
separate EEG files? Or can I just consider the EEG recording from each
subject as a single EEG recording and perform ICA (I can append the EEG
files in cases where I have two EEG files per subject in the same session)?
Any suggestions will be highly appreciated as I am very new to EEG and

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