[Eeglablist] resting-state artifact rejection after ICA

shira frances shirafrn at gmail.com
Sat Aug 5 07:49:29 PDT 2017

hello all,
i am analyizing 5 min closed-eyes resting-state data (bdf file) 32
electrodes. i am intersted on the alpha power band.   i read old mails and
answers on eeglablist and found (thank you!!!) the script for frequncy
analysis (
the plan i am trying to do now is this: import the raw data, define channel
location, reference to CZ, FIR high-pass 0.5, lowpass 45, import
events(from a file i created, an event evey second, only for the epoching,
the events has no meaning), after that i run the ICA and removing what
looks like eye movement (the oarticipants moved their eyes altough it was
eyes-closed condition) , then i epoch the data to 1s epochs (from -500ms to
500ms). now i want to reject artifacts by epochs, i used like i read - "all
methods" and then reject by the first option (abnormal values) - i wrote
+-100. the problem is it reject about half of the data... i tried it again
this time with +-150 and it rejected 13% - is this the right criteria for
rejection? (i was instructed to try this because we want to see alpha)
may i use other criteria?
and generally how can i know what is the right criteria?

thank you vert much

shira frances.
tel-aviv university

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