[Eeglablist] Channel Scroll Data

Cassandra Nguyen casnguyen at ucdavis.edu
Fri Aug 11 10:27:38 PDT 2017


I am using the Channel Data Scroll plot in EEGLAB and I have some questions
about the plot.

Are the units on the right side of the plot (e.g., Scale 100) in microvolts
since our data was collected in microvolts?

What do the "Value" numbers mean and why do they change when the scale is
changed? When I go to find the value of the peak of a channel, the number
sometimes is lower than the value of a clearly lower peak from a different
channel. For example, when finding the min/max values of a blink, channel
E128 will have a value of 117.8441 and channel E127 will have value of
-34.441 even though channel E128 clearly has a much lower minimum than
E127. Is there a way to get all of the channels that I wish to look at to
be on the same scale?

Thank you,
Cassandra Nguyen
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