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keskinmer at itu.edu.tr keskinmer at itu.edu.tr
Thu Sep 7 05:26:12 PDT 2017

Dear all,

I use EEGLAB with EYEEEG plugin, since I collected eye tracking and EEG
data simultaneously with a synchronized set-up. I use BIOPAC Acqknowledge
software for EEG data acquisition and SMI Experiment Suite for ET data
acquisition. In Acqknowledge, it is possible to import SMI ET data together
with the events and overlay them onto EEG data. Thus, it is possible to
export events as excel/txt file. In EEGLAB, I establish synchronization of
EEG and ET data through those shared events and I import the events
manually, since they are txt files that have three coloums (latency, type,
postion (all integers)). 

When I execute these steps with the whole EEG recording for one dataset, it
works just fine. However, I have to use the certain parts of the data, not
the entire record. Therefore, I split the EEG recording into parts. On the
other hand, my event files remain same and include all the events for the
enire record. In this case, when I try to import and synchronize ET data, I
get this error:

"11 out of 11 events had out-of-bounds latencies and were removed."

...which means none of the events are added, at the end. I tried to modify
the parameter "align event latencies to data events" from "NaN" to "0" or
positive and negative values, but I keep getting "no pre-existing values"

I have no idea how to fix this and I would be extremely glad if someone
suggest a solution.

Thank you very much.
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