[Eeglablist] WG: problem when using 'eeg_eegrej' on the same dataset twice

Nicolas Lutz nicolas.lutz at uni-tuebingen.de
Mon Sep 11 04:14:40 PDT 2017

Dear all,


I wanted to reject further portions of continuous data on a dataset where I
already applied 'eeg_eegrej'. Specifically, when I tried to reject
continuous data from before until after an already existing boundary event
(using eeg_eegrej), the boundary event was shifted one event further,
leaving behind a non-boundary hole in the data. This happened only when the
right limit of the rejection interval coincided exactly with the latency of
an event and could be resolved when I set the limit behind the latency of
this event. The same problem occurred with different versions of EEGLAB
(v13.5.4b, v14.0.0, v15.x (dev)).


As a workaround, is there an easy way to somehow integrate rejection
intervals of two subsequent rejections, such that 'eeg_eegrej' does ony have
to be performed once? For instance, when I first reject continuous data
between latencies 10 and 50, and, in a second step, reject further
continuous data between 15 and 20, this would correspond to latencies
between 65 and 70 in the original dataset, but it's a pain to do these
calculations by hand.


Thanks in advance!




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