[Eeglablist] WG: problem when using 'eeg_eegrej' on the same dataset twice

Tarik S Bel-Bahar tarikbelbahar at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 10:31:50 PDT 2017

Hello Nicolas, one possible (somewhat naive) approach would be as follows.

1. Get the list of start and end times from the first set of rejections
2. Get the list of start and end times for the second set of rejections
3. Then loop (with matlab code) through the two lists and merge start/end
windows so you end up with only one new set of start/end times to reject.
One would need to look for windows from lists from Step 1 and 2 which
overlap, and merge those windows to be one window. This is relatively
simple, with several bookeeping steps in the loop, and several embedded
loops. If you are matlab saavy, you might be able to merge the two lists of
start/end times in a more efficient coding manner.
4. Apply the final list to the original data for rejection.

Note that the issue should be handled in eeglab, and if replicable enter an
eeglab bugzilla report, and also a feature request for eeglab developers.

Also, see if this issue replicates when you do both the first and second
rejection steps from the eeglab gui, and let the eeglablist and/or eeglab
bugzilla know. Testing with the eeglab GUI and reviewing eegh output may be
important for you to understand better what's going on, or whether you are
introducing the issue via your (I assume) script/code-only approach.
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