[Eeglablist] Issue related to clean_rawdata

Narendra Kumar narendra.linguistics at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 13:05:51 PDT 2017

​Dear EEGLABlist users​,

​I use *clean_rawdata*
to reject bad channels and correct continuous data using Artifact Subspace
​, I applied this on 30 subjects data using multiple subject analysis batch
script file. It worked well till data on 21 subjects but crashed on 22nd
subject with the following error:

Warning: A value of class "com.sun.management.OperatingSystem" was indexed
with no subscripts specified. Currently the result of this operation
is the indexed value itself, but in a future release, it will be an error.
> In asr_calibrate>hlp_memfree (line 266)
  In asr_calibrate (line 114)
  In clean_asr (line 164)
  In clean_artifacts (line 219)
  In clean_rawdata (line 83)
  In preprocessing_win (line 105)
Determining per-component thresholds...Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in asr_calibrate>fit_eeg_distribution (line 359)
X1 = X(1,:); X = bsxfun(@minus,X,X1);

Error in asr_calibrate (line 180)
    [mu(c),sig(c)] = fit_eeg_distribution(rms,min_

Error in clean_asr (line 164)
    state = asr_calibrate(ref_section.data,ref_section.srate,cutoff);

Error in clean_artifacts (line 219)
    EEG = clean_asr(EEG,burst_crit,[],[],[],burst_crit_refmaxbadchns,burst_crit_reftolerances,[]);

Error in clean_rawdata (line 83)
cleanEEG = clean_artifacts(EEG, 'FlatlineCriterion', arg_flatline,...

Error in preprocessing_win (line 105)
    EEG = clean_rawdata(EEG, -1, -1, 0.75, -1, 10, 0.25);

​Kindly suggest some solution.​


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Indian Institute of Technology Ropar
Punjab, India - 140001
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