[Eeglablist] biosig function and bio-semi triggers bug

Daniela Santander danielasantanderurrutia at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 15:44:48 PDT 2017

Hi all,
In one of my experiment's recordings, I have the same problem that
previously you have described in 2011, about weird trigger codes, and the
absence of the right codes, after many messages such as:
"Warning SOPEN: number of event onset (TYP=1) and event offset (TYP=8001)
differ (27,1)"


You said that the codes are not arbitrary and can be easily converted.

How can I convert them into the right codes? Actually, with eeglab (v13 or
v14) I get 20 trials instead of 180... so, I still have information about
160 trials in the wrong codes form. (only in this recording I've got this
Please help me to convert this into the right information, and if you know
the causes of this error, please let me know how can I prevent it for the
next recordings.

Best regards, and thank you so much.

Daniela Santander Urrutia
Neurodynamics of Cognition Lab
Neuroscience Ph.D program
P. Universidad Católica de Chile
+56 9-62193719
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