[Eeglablist] Bootstrapping with newcrossf()

Jenson, Dave djenson1 at uthsc.edu
Wed Sep 27 06:17:24 PDT 2017


I've been performing some inter-component coherence analyses, and am having trouble with use of the bootstrapping function.  I am using epoched data, and the function pop_newcrossf() runs fine when using the GUI as long as I don't ask it to perform bootstrapping.  However, any time I ask it to perform bootstrapping, I get an error saying that the function can not be performed with continuous data.  I have tried shortening the timeline for which I am computing coherence, and am still getting the same error message.

I can run pop_newcrossf() from the command line, but am unsure how to implement bootstrapping from the command line.  I need to be able to get it to run at least once from the GUI to see the eegh code and know how to run it myself.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and figured out a viable way to run bootstrapping with inter-component coherence?


-Dave Jenson
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