[Eeglablist] Looking for not-using EGI net station license.

K Jeffrey Eriksen eriksenj at ohsu.edu
Wed Sep 27 15:50:27 PDT 2017

Hi Christoph,

I very much doubt anyone would give up a Net Station license. Have you tried to contact EGI about this? I know they probably state in their written policy that if you lose the hasp device (copy protection dongle) you have to buy a new one, but the original owner of the Net Amps hardware should be able to ask for a single hasp to go with the system so you can at least collect data. I think it would be in EGI's best interest to permit you to use the system to collect data and publish and write grant proposals to get money to buy additional review licenses and other software and new Nets.

-Jeff Eriksen
Portland, OR

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I am looking for not-using EGI net-station license 5.x.
If you have not-using license personally, Would you offer reasonable trade?

I recently received a setting from the other lab. All things are ready except the software… Nobody knows where is the license...


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