[Eeglablist] a few questions about your ICA-based preprocessing pipeline

Tarik S Bel-Bahar tarikbelbahar at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 01:11:46 PDT 2017

Hi Nastassja, You should be able to do the following. If you get an error,
it's either something wrong with your setup, or a bug (if replicable report
it to eeglab bugzilla). When you compute study level channel metrics via
GUI there is an option to remove artifactual ICs, or artifactual clusters.
You may also remove them in Edit Study Info where ICs to be discounted are
considered/entered. Further, you can make a list per subject of what ICs to
drop, and then drop those IC's for each single-subject file. One can also
do these steps via code. Cheers!
ps. in case you haven't had a chance to yet, take a closer look a at online
eeglab tutorial and study tutorial a bit more
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