[Eeglablist] trouble with importing EGI .mff files

Heather Soder soderh at mail.usf.edu
Wed Oct 4 15:47:47 PDT 2017

Hi all,

Is it possible to import EGI .mff files (using .mff import extension) into
EEGLab that have already gone through some preprocessing? I can import a
file that has been filtered in Netstation into EEGLAB, but I cannot import
any files that have been epoched in Netstation. Specifically I am getting
the following error when I try to import an epoched .mff file.

EEGLAB error in function getEpochInfos() at line 121:

Undefined function or variable "totalNumSegs".

Thanks for the help!


Heather Soder, MA
Doctoral Candidate
University of South Florida
Cognitive Neuroscience Psychology Program
Cognitive Electrophysiology and Clinical Neuroscience Lab
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