[Eeglablist] Binning different delay durations

Alexandrea Kilgore-Gomez akilgoregomez at nevada.unr.edu
Fri Oct 20 12:09:58 PDT 2017

Dear eeglablist,

I have been having issues binning trials of an experiment with different
delay durations. The experiment deals the maintenance period during working
memory by presenting a set size of three items and asking whether or not
the the probe is old or new after a delay. The delay periods are variable,
with durations of 500, 900, and 1500 ms and randomized within a single
session. The time period of interest is -200 ms to 500, 900, or 1500 ms.

I want to be able to analyze the EEG data from the same file instead of
recording and saving each delay duration separately, a task I have been
unsuccessful at thus far. I am also concerned about baseline corrections
with different delay durations.

Is there a way to extract epochs with variable time-length from the same
session? I have two overall questions: How do I bin this
experiment? and How do I go about epoching the continuous data with
different delay durations? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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