[Eeglablist] error in running adjust

Tarik S Bel-Bahar tarikbelbahar at gmail.com
Sat Oct 21 12:04:54 PDT 2017

Hello Konstantina, brief notes about your question below:


This error is unusual and does not usually occur. Usually Adjust and other
ICA classication plugins work with no problem as long as you have a healthy
ICA solution.

It is important for you to test first & confirm that this error happens or
does not happen with eeglab tutorial data that has ICA in it. This may be
an issue specific to how you have organized or processed your data. If you
get no error with tutorial or other sample data, but get the error with
your data, then you need to investigate what is unique about your data or

If you haven't yet, google for the error and see if other users have
mentioned in on the eeglablist.

One should feel free to check in with the creators of ADJUST, and provide
them with a sample file, info about your matlab/eeglab setup, and the error
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