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Brittany Alperin balperin07 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 09:49:14 PDT 2017

Hi Alex

I’ve had the same issue and unfortunately you cannot have differently sized epochs within the same file. What we ended up doing was having multiple pipelines for the same file with different epoch sizes and bins. No need to record things separately, but you will need to process the different delay periods differently. 

Hope that helps,

> On Oct 20, 2017, at 12:09 PM, Alexandrea Kilgore-Gomez <akilgoregomez at nevada.unr.edu> wrote:
> Dear eeglablist, 
> I have been having issues binning trials of an experiment with different delay durations. The experiment deals the maintenance period during working memory by presenting a set size of three items and asking whether or not the the probe is old or new after a delay. The delay periods are variable, with durations of 500, 900, and 1500 ms and randomized within a single session. The time period of interest is -200 ms to 500, 900, or 1500 ms. 
> I want to be able to analyze the EEG data from the same file instead of recording and saving each delay duration separately, a task I have been unsuccessful at thus far. I am also concerned about baseline corrections with different delay durations. 
> Is there a way to extract epochs with variable time-length from the same session? I have two overall questions: How do I bin this experiment? and How do I go about epoching the continuous data with different delay durations? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Alex
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