[Eeglablist] Multiple positions (PhD, Postdoc) available at the Laboratory for Cognitive Neuroimaging and Stimulation

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Multiple positions (PhD, Postdoc) available at the Laboratory for Cognitive
Neuroimaging and Stimulation

Multiple fully-funded research positions (PhD, Postdoc) are available in
the Laboratory for Cognitive Neuroimaging and Stimulation (
www.neurostimlab.com) at the Center for Molecular and Behavioral
Neuroscience (CMBN), Rutgers University, http://cmbn.rutgers.edu. CMBN is
located in Newark NJ, a short commute from New York City. The laboratory of
Dr. Travis E Baker employs multimodal neuroimaging techniques, involving
both typical and atypical populations, to characterize the neural and
cognitive mechanisms underlying goal-directed behavior and navigation. The
clinical goal of the laboratory is to understand how these functions are
disrupted in psychiatric populations (e.g. addictions, affective disorders,
neurodegenerative disorders), and to identify image-based biomarkers (e.g.
EEG/ERPs, fMRI) and neuromodulation procedures aimed to alleviate their
cognitive and behavioral impairments.

This position offers an excellent opportunity to develop research expertise
in neuroimaging and neuromodulation. Dr. Baker’s laboratory houses an Adept
Viper s850 robotic arm used for robot-assisted image-guided repetitive
transcranial magnetic stimulation (Ri-rTMS), two parallel systems for
recording EEG/ERPs, an eyetracking system, a virtual reality system, and
has the capabilities of recording and analyzing simultaneous EEG and fMRI,
and simultaneous EEG and Ri-rTMS. CMBN benefits from on-site access to
Rutgers University Brain Imaging Center (RUBIC), a research-dedicated
facility equipped with a 3T fMRI scanner (Siemens TRIO) for imaging both
humans and animals (http://rubic.rutgers.edu). For those with an interest
in working with clinical populations, we have superb cooperation with our
medical school faculty in neurology, psychiatry, and neurosurgery, as well
as collaborations with several medical centers in nearby New York City.

Informal enquiries may be addressed to Dr. Travis Baker at
travis.e.baker at rutgers.edu no later than December 1st, 2017 and should
include a cover letter summarizing research interests, a curriculum vita,
and the names of two references who may be contacted. Further details about
Dr. Baker’s research interests can be found at www.neurostimlab.com.
Rutgers University is an equal opportunity educator and employer.
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