[Eeglablist] Fwd: Train new model in BCILA

Konstantina Tsekoura tsekou at ceid.upatras.gr
Thu Nov 2 04:45:48 PDT 2017

Dear Duaa,

i have the same problem. I tried training new model in BCILAB

But I got this message in MATLAB:

Cannot load your data; please check for additional loader plugins at 
  occurred in:
    io_loadset: 340
    hlp_wrapresults: 51
    exp_eval: 133
    @(f,a,frame__f1)feval(f,a{:}): 0
    hlp_scope: 51
    exp_eval_optimized: 48
    pushbutton4_Callback: 289
    gui_mainfcn: 95
    gui_calibratemodel: 30
0. Did you find a solution?

Kind regards,

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