[Eeglablist] Trouble in merging multiple datasets

Tarik S Bel-Bahar tarikbelbahar at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 13:51:52 PDT 2017

 Hello He,

 As per my earlier note, you first need to try this with the eeglab
tutorial datasets, all from the gui, and see if you have success. Then
closely review the eegh output after having had a successful merge.
Then after that success, you should try it with your files from the
GUI. Then after that try it with a script.

 Also, if you have further questions, you should send the actual
script you are using, so that you can get better answers and help.

 remember, this is an unusual problem, so it is likely that it is
something that you are doing incorrectly on your end.

 don't worry, if you provide more information, you will likely get the
help you need.

 Also, one should be running  a script, don't try to do this in the
command window (do it in the editor, make a matlab script using eegh

 Best wishes.

 ps. it is important to google past eeglablist posts where you can
often find past answers on eeglablist about similar topics. Just
google "eeglablist + your topic". For example I did just that and
found many past posts on the topic that you can surely benefit from.
Please take look below at the multiple links I found by googling. If
you haven't already you can also review eeglab tutorial that deals
with the specific topic, and also try "help name-of-function" or doc
"name-of-function" to get more details about the function and what it

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