[Eeglablist] Channel location file for Natus data

Marj R marj.zrg at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 09:04:38 PST 2017


I have been trying to find the channel location file for EEG dataset
recorded under Natus system and usual 10-20 arrangement with 32 channels
(Natus EEG 32U) for the last while.I was unable to find the related channel
location file within the sample location files provided within eeglab
itself, and I had no luck in finding it online from anywhere . I have tried
to look online for previous posts, but I am unable to find the right
practical answer. Can anyone provide me some guidance on how to find
the right channel location file for a standard 10-20 with 32 channels
recorded on Natus system please? My guess is someone else in here might
have dealt with processing the Natus EEG data previously for sure and
therefore might already have the channel location file somehow?

Thank you!
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