[Eeglablist] Convincing neural dipole dipfit localized to white matter

Davida Streett davida_s2000 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 12 12:14:59 PST 2017

EEGLAB community especially dipole fitting gurus,    AMICA applied to my 128 channel data produced a component that certainly seems to correspond to a neural dipole, with a pronounced alpha peak, low RV%, passes all automated tests, convincing topography etc.  (There is no left-right symmetry so I believe it should be fit by one not two dipoles.)  And several connectivity/causality measures in SIFT suggest that this component/dipole is absolutely integral to what I am studying in the brain.  But dipfit localizes it to white matter (and its Tailarach coordinates -5 -12 32 are not within 5 mm of gray matter).  I don't have MRI or Polhemus data, but would still like to take a stab at determining its most likely true location.  Any help would be very appreciated.      Thanks,Davida  
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