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m. kazanç mekazanc at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 11 00:23:29 PST 2017


I have a few quesiton related to EEG Pre-processing,

We had 19 + 7 (EOG) channels recording,

I will firstly make artifact removal,

Before do that, I firstly made all channels zero mean for each recording (each recordin round, 16 channels will have zero mean),

After that I filtered between 1-70 Hz,

Then, ICA decomposition was performed to select artifactual components,

I searched on eeglablist to find filtering and mean averaging process, but I could not find steps like me,

They suggested to use high pass filtering (>1 Hz)..

My question is ,

1- mean averaging as a first step is convenient ?

2- using bandpass filtering instead of High pass filtering , leads a problem ?

I am looking forward your answer,

thank you


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