[Eeglablist] Can I use matapolottopo to plot ERSP comparisons?

Javier Sanchez reyvaj48 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 07:42:36 PST 2017

Recently, I am using metaplottopo to plot multichannel ERSP analyses, as
you can see in my scripts:

metaplottopo( ALLEEG(1).data, 'chans', [1:31], 'plotfunc', 'newtimef',
'chanlocs', ALLEEG(1).chanlocs, 'plotargs', {ALLEEG(1).pnts, [-900  1499],
ALLEEG(1).srate, [1000], 'cycles', [3 0.5], 'baseline',[0], 'alpha',0.05,
'plotitc' , 'off', 'mcorrect', 'fdr', 'plotphase', 'off', 'ntimesout', 400,
'padratio', 1, 'winsize', 900}, 'title', [ALLEEG(1).setname]);

metaplottopo( ALLEEG(2).data, 'chans', [1:31], 'plotfunc', 'newtimef',
'chanlocs', ALLEEG(2).chanlocs, 'plotargs', {ALLEEG(2).pnts, [-900  1499],
ALLEEG(2).srate, [1000], 'cycles', [3 0.5], 'baseline',[0], 'alpha',0.05,
'plotitc' , 'off', 'mcorrect', 'fdr', 'plotphase', 'off', 'ntimesout', 400,
'padratio', 1, 'winsize', 900}, 'title', [ALLEEG(2).setname]);

How, can I use the same function to generate a plot with the result of the
comparisons between the two conditions?

Thanks in advance
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