[Eeglablist] Silhouette value for IC clustering

Bernhardsson Jens Jens.Bernhardsson at miun.se
Fri Nov 17 02:19:40 PST 2017


I believe that the Silhouette value found in A10: MI-clust is based on kmeans cluster of multidimensional scaled data performed on the mutual information matrix and the kmeans found in STUDY is based on a pca derived (pre clustering) array. You can run the code below after you pre cluster in STUDY to get the mean and individual Silhouette coefficients for different cluster solutions.

avgSil = []; 
kmod = []; 
siSil = []; 
for num_of_cluster = 2:25
    kmod = kmeans(STUDY.etc.preclust.preclustdata,num_of_cluster, 'replicates',10,'emptyaction','drop','distance','sqEuclidean');  
    siSil(:,num_of_cluster-1) = silhouette(STUDY.etc.preclust.preclustdata,kmod,'sqEuclidean');
    avgSil = [avgSil; num_of_cluster mean(siSil(:,num_of_cluster-1))];
plot( avgSil(:,1),avgSil(:,2),'r*-.');
% ylim([0 1])
set(gca,'XTick',1:num_of_cluster, 'XGrid', 'on');


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Dear EEGLAB users,

I understand that the determination of the number of clusters in IC clustering is one of the difficult problems in source localizations by ICs. Silhouette value is one of the criteria for the best number of clusters in IC clustering, and I have found the description of silhouette value in EEGLAB Wiki (A10: MI-clust) for a single participant. Can we get silhouette values for group data in STUDY formats? Thank you in advance.

Shingo Tokimoto, Ph.D.
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Department of Foreign Languages
Mejiro University
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