[Eeglablist] Clean_rawdata with Sleep EEG

Agustín Solano asolano at bioingenieria.edu.ar
Thu Nov 23 07:12:27 PST 2017

Dear community,

Has anyone used clean_rawdata with continuous sleep registers?

I am testing it but I wonder if anyone has any recommendations.
I see it is good for strong artifacts but it also clean isolated
k-complexes and slow waves. However, during stable SWS it does not distort
slow waves.

For burst ASR I am using 20SD.

Any ideas that I should take in mind?

*Bioing. Agustín Solano*
Instituto de Fisiología y Biofísica (IFIBIO) - Bernardo Houssay
Laboratorio de Fisiología de la Acción, Facultad de Medicina (UBA)
Paraguay 2155, Capital Federal
Buenos Aires, C1121ABG
Tel: 54 11 5 950 9500 (2132)
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