[Eeglablist] Unable to create a study with segmented files

Tarik S Bel-Bahar tarikbelbahar at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 16:52:28 PST 2017

Hello Talia,

Yes, this should not be a big problem. This might be just a general
inter-operability issue which you should be able to work out.

Take a look at how event informaiton, and EEG.data is structured with
normal eeglab files, and then try to make sure that the files you're
getting out of erplab are the same. If not, then make necessary changes by
changing the info/structure of these files so that eeglab study accepts

Another (similar, general) alternative is to get the data matrices out of
erplab in matlab, and then modify as necessary for import into eeglab.

I would also ask you if you are able to view and work with the single files
(outside of study) in eeglab? Does eeglab have issues dealing with the
epoched files as single-subject .set files ?

You may also want to check various erplab2eeglab functions and with the
erplab help list/developers, who have surely dealt with such issues

Best wishes.

On Thu, Nov 23, 2017 at 11:04 AM, Talía Román <talia.viann at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Well I'm really naive using eeglab and I have problems to create a EEGlab
> Study.
> I'm using ERPlab to analyze my ERP data, and I have done successfully,
> but I'm also interested in applying ERSPs and ITCs, the problem is that I
> am not able to create a Study with my field once that I epoched them.
> I just have one condition in my recording (my design is between groups) so
> that means that I have just one type of trigger in my recording the problem
> is that when I'm trying to create the study with the epoched field (by
> EEGLab or ERPlab) the next message appears:
> *Input A must be a cell array of strings. *
> in the other hand I can create studies with the entire recordings so, I
> think that the problem arise when I  try to use the segmented file.
> I wish, you can help me
> Thank you in advance
> Talia Roman
> Psychology School
> Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
> --
> Talía V. Román López
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