[Eeglablist] Problem with EEG dataset loading and visualization in BCILAB

Nilofer Husain nilofer.husain at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 00:12:57 PST 2017

Hello Tarik,

Thanks a lot for the reply and the suggestions.

To circumvent any of the potential problems that may arise using my data, I did the analyses using the tutorial data that was used in the youtube tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sup2SaJyFQE).

1. From what it looks like in the images you showed, you may not be
filtering the data properly as per BCI import functions.
Take a closer look through the bcilab documentation on that.

I tried multiple versions:
a) Used the Raw tutorial data as is.
b) Filtered the tutorial data (1Hz lower boundary)

With every dataset, I get the same error when I 'inspect data' on bcilab.

Here is the error message when the display window pops up:

io_loadset(): loading /Users/nilu/Desktop/BCILAB-devel/userdata/tutorial/flanker_task/12-08-002_ERN.eeg...
  using montage resources:/caps/Standard-10-5-Cap385.cap.
Converting all numeric event types to strings.
on_resize failed.
Current plot held

Images here:


2. You should not be experiencing data loss. This may be due to the very
long length of your total data, or to "epoching" settings in the bcilab
import function.

Th tutorial data (12-08-002_ERN.vhdr) is not long (753.5 seconds, 809 events), so this should not be an issue anymore. Instead of data loss here, I see data overlap.

3. In the future, and for this email, you probably want to also CC
Dr.Kothe, the developer of BCILAB. You may also want to check that you
original data are okay (via a non-bcilab path), and that you have the most
recent versiosn of bcilab/eeglab.

The original data should be okay now that I am using the tutorial dataset that comes along with BCILAB. Also, the data looks fine when I open the data with EEGLAB. The X and Y axes are what is to be expected.

Images here:

4. One alternative you could consider is to properly load up the files
within eeglab, save them as .set files, confirm that they are OK, and that
they have all the data, and then from there attempt loading them into

I tried this but the problem still persists.

5. If you lack of events is only due to the data loss, once you resolve
proper import, you should be fine. If you need to add event markers, you
should be able to do that via eeglab or bcilab functions.

Yes, the lack of events is due to data loss in my data.

6. When you have a solution to your queries, please share them with the
list so that other users can benefit from your experiences.

Sure, will be glad to.

Kind Regards,

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