[Eeglablist] disinfection of caps?

Clayton Hickey cmhickey at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 08:22:37 PST 2017

Hi All, 

This isn’t an eeglab specific question… apologies if I’m stretching list rules. 

Do you disinfect your EEG cap? 

I’m talking about the cap, not the electrodes themselves, and in the context of standard University research use (ie. undergrads, not patients). 

I’ve worked in institutions that do, and in institutions that don’t. Some manufacturers appear to take it for granted (eg. ECI), others suggest avoiding it (eg. Biosemi). 

I get the impression that disinfectant reduces the life of the cap by breaking down the elasticity. Much more than that, though, I really dislike having to deal with glutaraldehyde solution. It’s nasty stuff, it has a short shelf life, and I expect that we as a community put a fair amount of it in our local water supplies (probably a drop in the proverbial bucket when one considers the medical system as a whole, but still). 

In your opinion, is it necessary? Does anyone know of any university / medical / governmental regulations that require it? 


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