[Eeglablist] blinking/redrawing of eegplot during period selection

Tarik S Bel-Bahar tarikbelbahar at gmail.com
Fri Dec 29 08:41:29 PST 2017

Hello eeglab experts/users,

Thanks for any help or ideas you can provide about the following questions,
related to a relatively simple user issue regarding eeg plotting and
selecting periods of data for rejection. Happy EEG in the new year!

As you may have noticed, sometimes (or often) when plotting eeg in eeglab
(from the gui) and then selecting periods manually for rejection (ie,
marking periods so they are colored green)....

the figure tends to update and replot itself (I believe), and it seems to
do that more when there is a larger time window selected (e.g., 50 seconds
as opposed to 5 seconds) and when there are more channels.

Has anyone dealt with this issue, developed a fix/workaround, or found that
this blinking/redrawing happens less or more under some circumstances or
particular computer setups?

Has anyone notices this blinking/redrawing happening more/less when
plotting the eeg from the GUI or from the command line (via eegplot) ?

Any suggestions or thoughts are much appreciated!

Best wishes,
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