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zahra fotovatnia fotovatnia at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 28 06:40:45 PST 2019

Hello all
I have encountered this error when processing cnt files. What should I do?
Error using cleanline (line 172)'ChanCompIndices' contains indices of channels or components that are not present in thedataset!
Error in pop_cleanline (line 50)[EEGclean, Sorig, Sclean, f, amps, freqs, g] = cleanline('EEG',EEG,g);
Error in EEGAnalysis (line 49)                        EEG = pop_cleanline(EEG, 'bandwidth',2,'chanlist',[1:61]                        ,'computepower',0,'linefreqs',[60 120]                        ,'normSpectrum',0,'p',0.01,'pad',2,'plotfigures',0,'scanforlines',1,'sigtype','Channels','tau',100,'verb',1,'winsize',4,'winstep',2); 
Thank youZahra Fotovatnia
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