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In my study I have several conditions (A, B,C…) and the epochs get
organized into categories based on response (e.g., Condition A-Correct,
Condition A-Incorrect, Condition B-Correct, Condition B-Incorrect, and so
on…). This results with several single response epochs for certain
categories. When I load this into STUDY it says “Epoch Consistency = no”
and leads to matrix dimension errors for the ERSP.

I have read through the Eeglablist and have found were several people want
to analyze a single epoch as an epoch, not as continuous EEG - the EEGLAB
default. The consistent response I have read is “ If there is one epoch, it
cannot be recognized as epoched”. My question is why?

How does a single epoch from a single subject in a condition with other
multiple epochs from other subjects, all with the same epoch length not
meet the criteria of epoch consistency? I know that EEGLAB reads a single
epoch as continuous, but is there no way to change/override this assumption?

In my own naïve attempt to address this issue, I tried to make single
epochs “seem” the same in the STUDY structure by copying and formatting the
ALLEEG.event information over to the ALLEEG.epoch. This still leaves the
issue of the ALLEEG.trials =1.

Any more ideas to address this issue?



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David Ryan, Ph.D.

Research Health Specialist

Mountain Home VA Health Care System (621)

Auditory Vestibular Research Enhancement Award Program (REAP)

Research Service

(423)-926-1171 Ext. 7575

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