[Eeglablist] saving EEgdata in an excel file.

Downey, Ryan J RDowney at bme.ufl.edu
Wed Feb 27 10:45:49 PST 2019

Based on the error message it looks like your EEG data is three dimensional epoched data (channels x time points x trials) and excel only handles two dimensional data (columns and rows). You would have to reshape your three dimensional data back into two dimensional or maybe save each trial (your third dimension) as a separate tab within excel.

Is there a particular reason you want to save it in excel rather than the EEGLAB format or simply a .mat file?

Ryan J. Downey
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Human Neuromechanics Laboratory
University of Florida

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Hello all,

I wrote a script to collect the EEG.data  and save it in an excel file. However, I could not save the data in an excel file and I got the following error. It seems xlswrite is not a good function for that purpose. What should I do?

I appreciate your help.
Zahra Fotovatnia

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