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Sam van Bohemen samvanbohemen at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 14:58:52 PST 2019

I have been using an EMOTIV Insight to record my EEG and I have been using
MATLAB to analyse the data. I was wondering if you had any advice in
regards to selecting epochs for analysis. I am able to identify some
artefacts (eye blinks, movmement) and remove these sections of the data.
For example if I have a recording that is 30 seconds long (3840 samples,
sample rate of 128Hz) is there a standard method as to how many epochs I
should break the data into? I have been attempting to compute some qEEG
measures such a the delta/alpha ratio, relative alpha power and Qslowing.
should I be calculating these measures for each epoch and then averaging
them for all the epochs in the the recording? I have been using a highpass
filter at 0.5Hz and a lowpass filter at 35Hz. I have also been applying a
Hann window before performing the FFT and before calculating any qEEG

I have not been using EEGLAB, instead I have been writing my own scripts to
analyse the data.

Do you recommend using EEGLAB instead?

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