[Eeglablist] Nyquist, downsampling, and EEG

Eric Rawls elrawls at email.uark.edu
Sun Mar 3 09:07:39 PST 2019

Hi list, I have a short, more theoretically designed question.
Typical ERP studies will apply a filter around 50 Hz to remove frequencies
above line noise.
Doesn't this mean that for any data filtered this way the highest
reasonable sampling rate is 50*2=100 Hz?
So why does we all use 500, or even 1000 Hz, when sampling EEG signals?
Does this lower limit on the sampling rate need to increase for phase based
analyses etc?
I've been curious about this for a while and wanted to open it up to a
group of experts. Why do we sample above the Nyquist rate in our EEG
Thanks for the discussion
Eric Rawls, M.S.
Graduate Research Assistant & Instructor
Department of Psychological Sciences
University of Arkansas
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