[Eeglablist] Where can I find a 21 channels electrode location file .CED?

Phillip Alday phillip.alday at mpi.nl
Tue Mar 5 06:07:54 PST 2019

The short answer is that 21 channels in the 10-20 system are a subset of
64 channels in the 10-20 system, so you can just use the more extensive
files. More concretely: make sure you channel names follow the 10-20
system exactly, then load the channel coordinates using pop_chanedit and
one of the .elp files included in EEGLAB -- 'standard-10-5-cap385.elp'
is what I have in the first script I found. The plotting methods can
then take advantage of this coordinate information and automagically
plot them correctly in 2D for topomaps.


On 1/3/19 9:41 pm, Lizbeth Martinez wrote:
> Hi, everybody!
> I haven't found an answer for my question, I have some old 21 channels
> EEG and I want to plot 2D-maps, then I need the electrode location info.
> I've found files for 18, 24, 64, 128 (and so on) channels, but not 21
> channels with the 10-20 system. Does anyone know where can I find it?
> Thank you very much.
> *Lizbeth Martínez *

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