[Eeglablist] EEGLAB ASR Question

Alterman, Bennett L balterman3 at gatech.edu
Thu Mar 14 09:12:10 PDT 2019

If using the GUI for ASR, using -1 to turn off an input field yields the loss of event markers (and eventually epochs), but writing off in the fields does not result in this loss. When using eegh to get the code, it returns a line that uses off, but the code does not run unless 'off' is used. However, while manually running ASR in the GUI does not result in the loss of events, running ASR from code does (and -1 vs. 'off' yield different numbers of events lost). Is there any way to resolve this issue?

Bennett Alterman, M.S.

Ph.D. Student, Cognitive Motor Control Laboratory
School of Biological Sciences
Georgia Institute of Technology
bennett.alterman at gatech.edu
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