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Stephanie Alejandra Armstrong Gallegos sarmstrong2 at sheffield.ac.uk
Fri Mar 15 03:53:47 PDT 2019

Hi all. I need some advice with creating eventlist  in ERPlab.

My study comprised 5 different type of blocks: 1. audio, 2. visual, 3.
audiovisual-ordinary, 4. audiovisual-short, 5. audiovisual-long. Each of
these blocks contained a standard stim with a fixed duration, and a deviant
stim with six different duration (e.g. 10% less than standard; 20% -
standard....). The presentation of the blocks were randomised.

The triggers were named 1 to 5 for the standard stim, and 21to 26 for the
deviants. Also, in order to differentiate among the blocks, there were
included markers (named from 31-60). So, for example:

- block 1: starts with marker 31 (which corresponds to deviant 21 for an
audio block), and then the actual triggers: e.g. 1; 1; 1; 21; 1; 1;21....

- block 2: marker 37 (correspond deviant 21 for visual block), and then the
triggers: 2; 21; 2; 2; 21; 2; 21....

So, I don't know how to create an eventlist that can identify/recode the
deviant stim regarding the block they belong. If I create a simple
eventlist, I'm unable to compare specific ERPs (e.g. differences between
standard auditory, and deviant 10%shorter).

Any ideas?

thanks in advance

Stephanie Armstrong
PhD Researcher
Psychology Department
The University of Sheffield
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