[Eeglablist] Export EDF/BDF/GDF

Thomas Varley tvarley at iu.edu
Tue Mar 19 15:35:07 PDT 2019

Hello all;

I am having trouble exporting a .set file to a .edf file. I've made sure 
my EEGLab and Biosig are up-to-date. I keep getting the same error. In 
the GUI, a popup window displays:

"EEGLAB error in function writeeeg() at line 230:
Unedefined function 'swrite' for input arguments of type 'struct'."

In the MATLAB command window it prints:

"Warning SOPEN (EDF): One block exceeds 61440 bytes.
Warning SOPEN (EDF-Write): relative scaling error is 3.59...e-06 (due to 
roundoff in PysMax/Min)"

Machine specs:
MATLAB: R2018b
OS: Linux Mint 18.3
RAM: 62.8 GB

Any idea what's going on here?

All the best
~Thomas Varley

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