[Eeglablist] the number of frames does not divide the number of columns in the data (vhdr file)

Maria Robinson mariamvr9 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 18:46:06 PDT 2019


I'm working with .vhdr files (recorder through BrainVision's Pycorder) and
for some reason I've started getting the following error when importing

* eeg_checkset error: the number of frames does not divide the number of
** columns in the data.*

We've been collecting data for a few months with no issues and all of
a sudden this started happening.

Nothing has changed about the experiment or how we record the data.

I see that a similar issue has been posted on under the thread
"eeg_checkset error when importing CNT".

My concern is that there's no explanation for what causes this error
and maybe there's a deeper underlying problem here that maybe messing
up the results.

Also, I have been able to get around the error message by settings
EEG.pnts = size(EEG.data,2) manually but, again, my worry is that
there's another problem here that I'm overlooking.

I have noticed that if preprocess these files there are a lot rejected
artifacts (though maybe this is just a coincidence).

Finally, I noticed that EEG.pnts is always +1 than the number of
points in the data file.  I've looked at the script pop_loadbv() and
see that this might happen if the temp_chan variable is empty.

I've looked at the header files and don't seen any mispecification of
the number off channels, and can't catch a discrepancy between these
files and the files that don't cause the error.

Any input on this would be a tremendous help. Thank you in advance.
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