[Eeglablist] ICA and Connectivity On Combined Data From Multiple Subjects

Nathan Sanders nesander at ncsu.edu
Mon Apr 1 12:01:52 PDT 2019

Hey Group,

My understanding based on reading the SCCN wiki is that ICA should be
performed on a per subject (per session) basis. For example, Makoto's
preprocessing pipeline says that "To apply a single ICA, your subject
cannot take off the electrode cap!
However, one approach to group connectivity analysis that I have run across
involves first combining data sets from all subjects, then performing ICA
on the aggregate data. This doesn't seem right to me, but I am having a
hard time articulating why, mostly because I am new to the field and still
only have a basic understanding of how ICA works. Can anyone speak to the
validity of applying ICA to combined data sets? Can you recommend any
papers to help me understand?


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