[Eeglablist] Data epoching, event creation and ERP analysis

Rabnawaz khan 13mseerabnawaz at seecs.edu.pk
Tue Apr 2 02:08:22 PDT 2019

Dear EEGlab users,

I am new to the data epoching, event processing and ERP analysis, so I need
help regarding the event creation in my dataset and processing the ERP.
I have collected EEG data while the subjects are performing the Stroop
color word test using Eprime. The subject responded to 120 stimuli appeared
on the screen. The stimuli consisted of congruent and incongruent
conditions and presented randomly on the screen.After the subject
responded, a fixation was shown for 500ms and then the next stimulus

In the output file (i.e Edat file from Eprime software), for each stimulus,
the response time (RT), stimulus onset time and stimulus condition
(congruent or incongruent) are recorded.

The response time for all (120) stimuli are different. I want to epoch my
continuous EEG data into 120 epoches (i.e. one epoch for each stimuls). And
the duration of the epoch should be equal to response time + 500ms
(fixation). Then I want to average the epoches based on condition/type
(congruent and incongruent) and obtain 2D ERP at each channel. Also, when i
plot(scroll) the data from EEGLAB plot menu, i want to see the boundaries
inserted for each stimulus.

I hope my question is clear to you. Any help in this regard is appreciated.

Best Regards,


PhD student and Research Assistant
Center for Health Care, Science and Technology (CHST)
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Malaysia
rabnawaz at 1utar.my, +60 18 9196026
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