[Eeglablist] problem with PSD unit coversion

Magda Gawłowska mag.gawlowska at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 18:18:29 PDT 2019

Dear EEGlab users,

my question regards PSD unit conversion. I know that there have been some
discussions about it here, but I cannot draw any definite conclusions from

If I understand the concept right - the output of spectopo gives me PSD in
10*log10(mv*^*2/Hz). As I wanted to get rid of log transformation I simply
took my matrix and did the math: 10.*^*(x/10), so that my current data unit
is (mv*^*2/Hz). Am I correct?

But - something went terribly wrong. My results literally flipped after
conversion. Stats look like from different data set... And I'm more than
confused as I do not understand why this has happened. I've checked my
matlab scripts more than a dozen times and I did not find any mistake. Did
I miss something during the conversion? Maybe oversimplified sth?

I assume that my confusion is caused by the lack of proper knowledge - but
I would be more than grateful if any of you could tell me what am I

Thanks in advance!

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