[Eeglablist] Trouble importing BV EEG file

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Hi Dan Dillon

Although I don't have very much experience with the bva-io extension, but the EEGLAB's default FILEIO plugin should read BrainVision EEG data file with no problem. You may try if it works.


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Hi all. Our group just switched to Brain Vision and I’m having trouble importing BV files . . . seems simple enough but I’m stumped. I just upgraded to EEGLAB v14.1.2 and I’ve got the bva-io v1.5.13 extension. In the GUI I’m using that to select a *vhdr file, and then when prompted I’m leaving “Interval” and “Channels” empty (or typing in “all”, makes no difference). This returns a pop_loadbv (line 179) error “No such file or directory”.  I’ve also tried typing the path and *vhdr filename into pop_loadbv in the MATLAB Command Window--e.g., pop_loadbv('/Users/danieldillon/Work/Expts/StressMem/Data/TestData/STM003P','STM003P_ret_b1.vhdr')--but this returns the same error. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here—any ideas?




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