[Eeglablist] Head model for effective connectivity analysis on EEG data

M Abul Hassan abulhassan85 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 9 07:27:37 PDT 2019

Dear EEGLAB users,
We are working on the connectivity analysis using Partial Directed Coherence(PDC) and Directed Transfer Function(DTF). We are now getting numerical values (say 10*10 matrix for a 10 channel EEG recording). Currently, we use a kind of graph model to show connections and directions (with arrows). We are interested to show our effective connectivity results using a head model but are not able to do. Can anyone please share a matlab or python toolbox or code to present our effective connectivity results on head model?
 Looking forward to your positive response.
Thanks in Advance.
Best RegardsMuhammad Abul Hasan

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