[Eeglablist] [EXTERNAL] How to obtain a clinical EEG for publication (photoshop?)

Markus Gschwind Markus.Gschwind at unige.ch
Fri Apr 12 08:40:13 PDT 2019

Dear all,

Many thanks for the different proposals.

Our system is Micromed http://www.micromed.eu
/en-us/products/ID/1/BRAIN-QUICK--EEG-Line, an no, I have asked them, they
do not support the print to PDF format in higher resolution as apparently
NeuroWorks software.

I was explicitly not looking for a matlab plot but wanted to plot the
clinical EEG page.

As I do not have access to Adobe Illustrator  or CorelDraw (yet) I have to
find other solutions.

One solution seems practicable though, like follows:

Take the screenshot of a SMALLER EEG VIEWER WINDOW size (maybe half the 21
inch screen) -  this is first counter-intuitive. However makes fonts bigger
and EEG lines thicker and therefore more visible (thanks Marius Keute for
the hint).

Then I used https://online2pdf.com <https://online2pdf.com/#> to convert it
to PDF and back to png with higher resolution 300 dpi or 600 dpi. I think
this is practicable!

Thanks to all again!
Best Markus

Le jeu. 11 avr. 2019 à 18:44, Eriksen, Jeff :LGS Neurodiagnostics <
JEriksen at lhs.org> a écrit :

> Markus,
> It seems like what you are asking is to interpolate from 96 dpi to 300
> dpi. Fundamentally this is impossible, as you are always creating data from
> nothing. If you had the actual timeseries, you could choose to make some
> assumptions about the signal and interpolate using some rational choice for
> basic functions.
> You do not say which clinical system you are using. The one I am most
> familiar with is Natus Xltek hardware with NeuroWorks software. With this
> system you can print pages of EEG to a printer and achieve higher
> resolution than you can get from a screen shot, probably 600 dpi, or
> possibly more. It is also probably the case that you can "print" to a PDF
> file that would retain high resolution, which you cold check by creating
> the PDF file first, then printing it.
> If I were you, I would export the raw EEG data (most systems can export as
> EDF format, or ASCII in a pinch) and then use Matlab of other software to
> create the EEG plot you need.
> -Jeff Eriksen
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> Dear all,
> Does anyone know how to produce a high-resolution (300 dpi) version of a
> clinical EEG obtained from a screenshot?
> Screenshots have maximally 96 dpi, and when they are increased to poster
> size they are shaky and the EEG lines become pixelled like stairs...
> Is there anyone who could direct us how to convert this screenshot into a
> 300 dpi publishable image with smooth lines? Photosphop?
> Thanks in advance,
> Markus
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